More about Swindling

Uh oh. Looks like Martin Durkin (producer of the swindle) is now getting some trouble. The Guardian reports (but read the whole article):

Carl Wunsch, professor of physical oceanography at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said the film, The Great Global Warming Swindle, was ‘grossly distorted’ and ‘as close to pure propaganda as anything since World War Two’.

He says his comments in the film were taken out of context and that he would not have agreed to take part if he had known it would argue that man-made global warming was not a serious threat.

Makes me more interested to see that cra^H^H^H ‘swindle’…

Channel 4 said: ‘We feel it is important that all sides of the debate are aired. If one of the scientists featured now has concerns about his contribution, we will look into it in the normal way.’

Let’s hope.


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