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I have an interesting discussion with argeew on reddit. I invite anyone interested to join if you have a reddit account, or add a comment here. Btw, I am ‘oku’.



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  2. Great site.

    That’s an interesting discussion on Reddit. I wonder why all those comments were deleted?

    The current warming can’t be caused by the Milankovitch cycles because we are currently in a period when we should be experiencing less solar radiation due to our orbital position. If you go by the Milankovitch cycles we should be cooling, but the planet is warming.

    It’s also interesting how the discussion quickly went from technical to political. I think it really is about the politics rather than the science for the global warming deniers. Of course that’s what they think about us, so….

  3. Yes, it’s a pity he deleted the comments, it makes it harder to follow the discussion.

    Of course I know that the Milankovitch cycles cannot be responsible for the current warming. I made that point already here.

    I tried to keep politics out of the discussion as much as possible, but you are right. Robert accused me of having an agenda just because I think AGW is true. Looks like he cannot believe that it is just the facts that convinced me. And the more I research about it the more convinced I am.

  4. For the record, I did NOT delete my comments at Reddit. Someone at Reddit has blocked or removed every post related to The Dead Hand, and someone or a group has downclicked every post I have made, no matter the subject.

    I got tired of this kind of silliness, and so have not been on Reddit for some time. If any reader here is interested in picking up this discussion directly with me, please go to an appropriate entry at The Dead Hand (thedeadhand.com), and leave a comment. I will be notified by RSS, and will pick up the conversation.

  5. Weird. Did you ask the admins at reddit about the deletion of your comments?

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