BAS Statement about Channel 4 programme on Global Warming

There is a response on the Swindle at the British Antarctic Survey:

Here we shall clarify three key points:

  • The evidence for an unusual recent global warming is unequivocal, and it is very likely that this is due to human activity
  • Recent changes in solar activity bear no resemblance to temperature changes.
  • Channel 4 used seriously flawed data on which to base their programme.

It’s very interesting. Go read it.



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3 responses to “BAS Statement about Channel 4 programme on Global Warming

  1. Hi FP!

    I noticed your comment over on Doug’s blog. I can email you the comment I made if you want to drop me an email at

    I always enjoy discussing the topic of global warming, and would enjoy your critique.

    Kindest regards,


  2. Thank you. Doug already sent it to me via email. I could have asked you directly, of course, but Doug already has my email address from my comment – I wouldn’t post it in public to not attract the spammers.

    I can edit your email address away, if you want. If you want to send me your comment again, I will leave a comment on your blog.

    Thanks again :-).

  3. I get loads of spam–it is pretty much my spam account, FP, so no problem!

    I largely argue the man-made global warming issue just because it is such an enjoyable one. My undergraduate degree was in engineering, but Phd is in Theology. I pursued neither engineering or theology (at least not in a full-time sense) but have a love for both science and theology.

    One of the things I am a bit of a crusader on is the maintenance of the purity of scientific method. At one time, we had scientists who were very clinical, but it seems that our universities seem to inject a great deal of ideology into the training of our young scientists. Ideology, religion, (any faith-based belief system or paradigm) should be dealt with harshly in scientific circles, and it doesn’t seem like it is much anymore. Evidence of this is that the split on the GW issue is largely along ideological lines.

    Any, FP, I tend to ramble, and post long comments so I will close for now.

    Your GW agnostic, 🙂