Talk about Framing

Arnold does it.

A few quotes to tease you, but make sure to read the whole thing:

And it’s very funny, but the strange thing about it is there’s a lot of truth to that, because for too long the environmental movement has been powered by guilt. But I believe that this is about to switch over. It’s about to switch because it’s going to be powered not by guilt but by something much more positive, by something much more dynamic, by something much more capable of bringing about real big change.

But who are the fanatics now? They are actually the ones that live in denial — in economic denial, political denial and environmental denial. Who are the fanatics when DuPont has hired the former head of Greenpeace International? Who are the fanatics now when major companies are demanding — demanding that the federal government passes laws that finally set standards for greenhouse gas emissions? Major companies like DuPont, GE, Wal-Mart, BP, PG&E — and the list goes on and on — believe that climate change is real. That is the mainstream speaking. That is the establishment speaking.


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