Tired of these Arguments…

It is comments like these that make the whole debate about atheism so tiresome. The same arguments come up again and again and again. There is an article on alternet that asks what atheists think should replace religion. I briefly skimmed through the first page, but did not read the rest, nothing new here. It is almost as if those people just want to write an article and just do not need to read all the answers that are already out there, written by atheists, who are not yet as bored with it as I am.

The answer is nothing. I am absolutely happy without religion, I do not need no sky daddy, thank you very much. I just wish people would think more rationally, and not just about the completely unnecessary god hypothesis.

But of course I made the mistake and read one of the comments, this one by ‘NoPCZone’:

I know this is going to get me b-slapped all over this post, but I personally see atheism as a form of religion (hear me out). Although an atheist does not worship any god or gods, they have made a definite choice or decision regarding the whole concept. In some ways, that puts them closer to the ‘theists’ than agnostics and other doubters.

When a person makes a clear cut decision to be an atheist as opposed to a doubter or agnostic, they are essentially making the same type of choice that a person who chooses to follow a particular religion does. That very decision is going to inform their life, what they value and how they conduct themselves. None of the above is still a choice at heart.

No, I did not make a decision. I arrived at that position by thinking about the matter, found no evidence for a god, I would expect evidence, the world works as expected as if there is no god, and that’s it. The same way I did not decide to believe that the earth is not flat. I am happy with not believing in a god just as happy as I am that the world is round. Of course, if I find evidence of a god, fine, I would change my mind. So long, I just find it unbelievably improbable.

It’s not that I know that there is no god. It is just very unlikely. This seems to be a good place to plug in the tea pot argument.

Okay, enough already…



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  1. I really like the phrase sky daddy! i will, you permitting of course, use it frequently in my arguments with religious nuts.
    I know there is no God because such a thing existed the universe would behave and look totally different.

  2. Heh. The title of that article is “What Makes an Atheist Get out of Bed in the Morning?” I suppose that going to work isn’t good enough, or interactions with friends and colleagues, or just the simple pleasures in life (like having a bowl of ice cream for breakfast, mmm). If a person can’t find value in their life without resorting to a fairy in the sky, I think they’re incapable of rational thought. Thus, no need to read their “arguments”; I have better things to do.

  3. There is an argument for suggesting that, in the absence of a deity, many people still find a need for something to believe in. I say this, in spite of the fact that, in common with others, I find faith itself a difficult proposition; why should I believe in anything without evidence, or at least reason?

    Believing in something is maybe just another way of saying that we all have values, ethical codes, a sense of right and wrong, even when we don’t always have a justification for our prejudices. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could actually develop a rational and logical reason to believe in certain principles, without recourse to the matter of a deity?

    It is possible, but difficult. I have started on such a project on my blog, but this has been forestalled by climate discussions and research. All I’ll say at the moment is that it is possible to exist within a set of principles founded on justice, equity, liberty and equality, with perfectly sound logical grounds.

    I agree with you; atheism is not ‘alternative religion’; it is the absence of the inclination towards any religion or faith.

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  5. Idetrorce

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  6. Yes…..and would it be fair to say that you arrived at the DECISION by thinking about it? Frame it how ever you want; means the same thing, FP. You made a decision based on your interpretation of the evidence, nothing more. I’d say you’d have a damned hard time arriving at any position without making a decision (or several) to move in a particular direction. In this case, your direction (based on the evidence) happened to be atheism. That’s what you decided. Another will read the same data and decide something else.