Brightening Neptune, Cooling Uranus

Yet another idiotic claim by “sceptics”: Netpune is brightening, therefore global warming on earth cannot be caused by humans. This has already been ripped apart by tamino and Stoat. Actually, all you need is look at the pictute to the left: Neptune had an increase in cloud formation, increasing its brightness. And why? It’s called summer. One Neptune year is 164.88 years, so the seasons can be quite long.

And another thing: its brightness changed by 0.15 magnitudes, this translates with 2.512^0.15 = 1.15 to 15%. So if the sun were responsible, it would have to have changed its brightness by the same ratio. Clearly, stellar models must be wrong, the sun is entering its red giant stage. We are all doomed, and that’s what climate scientists are trying to hide from us.

Okay, and now for something completely different. According to a paper by Leslie A. Young et al., Uranus is cooling! So, do we now conclude that the sun is getting dimmer?

No, that would be silly, wouldn’t it.



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  1. One of the coauthors of that original paper (Lockwood) has a 2006 paper that says that Uranus is cooling, so it’s odd that he claims in the 2007 paper that the warming in Neptune is due to solar variability. See More Neptune Brightness and Solar Variability.

    Lockwood, G. W., and M. Jerzykiewicz (2006), Photometric variability of Uranus and Neptune, 1950–2004: Implications for seasonal models, Icarus, 180, 442–452.

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