What happened

Sorry for not posting for some time. Good and bad things happened, but it’s all good.

The bad thing that happened is that I had a minor accident with my car. The only victim was the car, which is currently in the body shop. The radiator is broken, and the body needs some readjustments. But I am unharmed, and nobody else was involved. And I am covered by the insurance, except for a deduction.

I took this as an excuse to buy a new car: a Toyota Prius. Not cheap, but well worth it. It is much larger in the inside than I thought, more spacious than the old 2001 Honda Civic (which I will sell as soon as it is fixed). I can highly recommend it, also for families (I do not need a bimbo box, and we have three kids).

Driving a Prius has a few odd side effects: first, you try to get as much mileage out of it as possible, and it improves with time, even over the week since I bought it. A round trip from home to work currently gets me 48 miles per gallon, most of it over the freeway and climbing up and down the eastern hills in the Bay Area, although I usually use the fast lane. Seeing the current fuel consumption in real time educates you on how much the driving style affects it. I think this would also help a lot in conventional cars.

The second side effect is that I am now usually volunteered by my coworkers to drive to the restaurant for lunch (be prepared for jokes like ‘Oh no, it stalled’ when waiting at a red light). And third, I begin to feel sorry for other car owners who do not own a Prius. One nice gimmick is the ‘smart key’: I can open the doors and start the vehicle without ever pulling the key out of the pocket. And on backing up, I can see what is behind me on the monitor, using a small camera mounted just above the license plate.

I never had a better car than this one.



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  1. Hey, Fermi. How you been? I just wanted to let you know that I’ve moved my blog. It’s now at reasic.com. Do you think you could update your blogroll link to reflect that change? It should work for now, but I’ll host it soon.


  2. I am glad to hear you are safe. Our next-door neighbor in CA has had a Prius for several years—very pleased with it—and it is definitely more spacious than the Honda Civic we had years ago (before 3-kids). The visual display is intriguing, but then again, I like anything visual and tekky.

    Is that your Prius in the picture? Very smart.

    Did you know that Honda Civic is now the top car driven by teenagers in America? It is top of both the used car list, and top of the new car list. That makes a change from the SUVs we used to see students driving in the U.S. (not in Europe, thank goodness).

    Good for you!

  3. Fermi,

    How are you? I hope you are fine.

  4. Thanks for asking – I am fine. Just too lazy to blog ;-).

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