Map of Recent Earthquake Activity, Oct. 30 2007A little more than an hour ago we felt an earthquake. It’s the first time ever I felt one (outside of a simulator). But we live for just a little more than 3 years here in the San Francisco Bay Area. The epicenter was in the hills near San Jose, that is about 15 miles from here, and of 5.6 magnitude. It seems it was along the Calaveras fault, which stretches relatively near to our home. So far, no major damages have been reported, except a few broken pipes and cracks, and items falling from the shelves in stores in San Jose.

Update: it happened again a few minutes ago, at the exact same location. This time only 3.7, but I am currently at work, and much closer (~ 8 miles or so). I did not feel it very strong, but heard the rattling noises of the blinds at the windows.

I hope these are not precursors to something bigger. There are worries that this increases stress on the Hayward fault.


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