PZ Myers Expelled

In April, PZ Myers was interviewed for a movie under the pretense that it would be for a movie called ‘Crossroads’, examining

the disconnect/controversy that exists in America between Evolution, Creationism and the Intelligent Design movement’.

It turned out that the movie is a propaganda piece instead propagating Intelligent Design, claiming that evolution leads to atheism, and that leads to the holocaust. Seriously. Think of it as the creationists version of the Swindle .

So recently there was a preview near PZ Myers’s home town, and sure enough he wanted to watch the movie. Hey, he is starring in it, and don’t you want to see a movie where you are appearing? Well, he wasn’t allowed in. Seriously. Read his own story. And guess who was allowed in. I don’t want to spoil it – it’s funny.

Skatje, PZ Myers daughter, has seen it. Another account by Kristine is here . Skatje’s friend has another account.

There is also a story in the NY Times.

The story could be funny. But actually, the movie is not. Phil Plaits explains why, and I agree.


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