Online Course about Climate Change

Via the German blog Globale Umweltpolitik by I discovered an Online Course about Climate Change on Learning Space. The course is estimated to take 18 hours, and teaches about the fundamentals of climate science. It explains for example the energy budget of the earth, radiative forcing, and also talks about the history of scientific understanding of climate change. Nils also points to another course called global warming which is estimated to take 5 hours. I first thought this is an easier version of the other one, but in fact they seem to be complementary.

Nils has also started a course in the German wikiversity, which is of course in German. It looks like a very good start, but is yet unfinished.



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3 responses to “Online Course about Climate Change

  1. Nils Simon

    Thanks for noticing 🙂 That my Wikiversity course is “yet unfinished” is a vast understatement, I have only finished the very first of twelve or so parts – being about the greenhouse effect – and I am not even sure whether that’s largely without errors. But I can only encourage other people from the international arena to produce something comparable within the English-language Wikiversity. Wikiversity offers a lot more space than Wikipedia, allows for the covering of a topic in more depth, and it generally is more flexible than WP, at least until it’s not overcrowded and finding itself in the necessity to introduce too much bureaucracy. For those who prefer learning-by-reading instead of learning-by-teaching the free Open University-courses are of course the first choice.

  2. bhonerick

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  3. Nils,
    it is a good start there at the wikiversity. I wish I had more time, so I could contribute to it, but I am afraid this blog is all I can do. I think a good idea would be to take parts of the IPCC AR4 report, and translate it (BTW, I just recently disvovered an excellent FAQ).