Al Gore totally disproves global warming

The logic of deniers works something like this:

  1. Al Gore does something, like using a lot of electricity
  2. … bzzzz ….
  3. therefore, anthropogenic global warming is false. QED.

They (the deniers) also lie a lot. Or they cannot calculate percentages. Maybe both. Like, they say Al Gore used 10% more electricity in 2007 than in 2006. Although it was 213,210 kWh in 2007, and 221,000 kWh in 2006. Which is 3.6% less, as Tim Lambert noted.

They (the deniers) also make strange comparisons. Like, comparing the yearly consumption of Al Gore with the average monthly consumption. That just sounds better.

Deniers also deny a lot. Like, not telling that Al Gore’s house had been renovated until November, that he installed solar panels or that he offsets his carbon emissions. Well, maybe because they don’t understand how that works.

Disclaimer: I use a few hundred times more electricity per year than the average US citizen per day. Or so.

See also the Christian Science Monitor.


I found a few articles from last year (and because this will pop up next year again, I’ll bookmark them here):


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One response to “Al Gore totally disproves global warming

  1. toyotawhizguy

    The problem that most AGW skeptics have with Al Gore is that he is a “Do as I say, not as I do” sort of guy. His lifestyle is not used by skeptics to disprove AGW, but rather is brought up to question his motivations and sincerity. A true statesman will lead by example. And how about his bad science? Is the core temperature of the earth really several million degrees? And the **** about the polar bears being endangered – I’m not even going to go there.