Three facts, three lies

In the image to the left you see that even if the global temperatures are corrected for the ENSO effects, the temperatures have risen significantly since the 70’s.

In the image below from the National Snow and Ice Data Center you will see that the northern sea ice extent has been decreasing since at least 1980.

You also may want to click on the images to learn more if needed.

Now go to this excellent post byTim Lambert, or this little factoid on stratospheric cooling, and learn about the fingerprints that show the greenhouse signature, thus confirming the models. Take your time if necessary.

Groked it all?

Good. Then go to this tripe and detect 3 lies.



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8 responses to “Three facts, three lies

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  2. Hank Roberts

    Hm, hacaoideas rips off your entire post, copies it exactly to his WordPress page, changes “this tripe” to “this tribe” and changes that link to lead to his climate denial page.

    Isn’t there a rule about plagiarism, in the WordPress user agreement? Well, if he’s in the USA, you can get him on copyright.

    Or just scrape him off and go on.

  3. Hank Roberts

    Ah, yes, “hacaoideas” is redirecting to his page; he’s part of a so-called “writers group” located in the US:

  4. Hank Roberts

    Oh, wait, stop me before I do anything more stupid.
    Yes, ‘hacaoideas’ seems to have cloned your page.
    But he’s just changed the text pointing to the denial page, it’s not clear whether he’s part of the writers group or just copying your site for some other reason.
    If only I could see the IP numbers and tell who’s who.

  5. Sorry, I missed your comments.

    It is weird, I don’t know why ‘hacaoideas’ copied my post. The other posts are in a language that I do not recognize. He may just be testing things.

    The word ‘tribe’ instead of tripe was a typo. My first version had ‘tribe’, and then I corrected it.

  6. hacaoideas

    Hi Mr fermiparadox,

    I’m so sorry to have copied your post. yes, I’m a student. That’s very long ago that my friend and me tried to see whether these imagine can be easily copied through web space without making any function and re-connect the links. I’m saying about the imagines not the information.

    Only today, after a so long time that I have no access to internet, did i recognize the copyrights.

    I have deleted the post immediately.

    I wanna show my respect to your work.

  7. hacaoideas

    By the way, I’m in Vietnam. I’m not a blogger. I just use for kicks.

  8. Leon

    It seems to me the above replies have missed the point. What I want to know is, if there is a “Greenhouse” hotspot in the atmosphere which is supposed to be warming it, then why are we experiencing this current cold period? Even here in the Australian summer, temperatures are lower than normal. We also experienced a colder than normal winter and snow falling in our highlands during autumn, something that has not happened for years.

    The recent NASA satellite pictures are showing a huge cold area surface temperatures near the equator in the Pacific. May be we could look forward to icebergs on the equator and snow skiing at a Fijian holiday resort.